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    Default Dreaded Lets just be Friends

    Not Sure what Section to put this in but im in a bind and looking for advice.

    So it all started a few weeks ago I began seeing this HB7 I used alot of Push Pull with her and she began to like me alot. The only problem is her X she went out with for 5 years cheated on her I saw it comeing when she said lets take it slower. Shortly after that she pulled out the LJBF Only problem is I just dont want to be her friend Although being her friendf would be good seeing as she just got her degree in the same thing im Just starting (Social Work).

    I was thinking about telling her she should start to move on again because if you find someone better then your x you should go for them.

    The problem is I dont want to wreck things it is hard enough as is for me to go out and meet new women with my current condition. I hurt my legs badly while working Im waiting for sergury now and it;s hard to find a woman when you have to walk with a limp or walk with a cane and am usualy on percocet for pain lol.

    Anyone got any advice on what I should do?

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    Default Re: Dreaded Lets just be Friends

    You should heal.

    And don't tell her she should do this or do that. Use reverse psychology maybe, or start some Kino + teasing techniques to insert some sexual attraction. I'm not a pro, just telling you what I think if it can help you... rethink your strategy.

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