The point of opening a set, building mutual attraction and finding rapport is to ?close? the target. This might come in the form of a number, an email, a kiss or a fuck (known as #, @, K and F closing, respectively). Your goal for learning the seduction arts may be to screw a lot of women, to create a social circle, or to get married. There's not a right or wrong choice; it's your preference, so don't feel like your game is off just because you don't find yourself sleeping with tons of women. Maybe you're highly selective, and
that's just fine.

Though it is tempting as you start to apply your new skills to collect as many numbers as you can, it is advised that you only ask for a girl?s number if you are truly interested in following up with her. Kiss closing has not been exactly defined (can run the gamut from a quick peck to a full make-out), but is any form of mouth-mouth contact that implies something beyond just friendship. By comparison if you kiss her cheek, there is not necessarily romance implied (as her grandmother probably kisses her the same way). Hugging is a perfectly good way to close, as it implies intimacy and trust without being creepy (unless you make it creepy).

Going for a kiss-close can be an art unto itself, and more information is provided in the Kino chapter. PUAs have noted that many girls will make out with many guys on a given night and think nothing of it, but chances of a date (called Day 2 by PUAs) become unlikely because the girl then assumes you're just trying to get into her pants. Therefore, if you want a date with a girl, you may want to avoid making out.

As for 'dating' PUAs avoid the term because going on dates falls within a female agenda/frame of having a man jump through hoops and pay for things with the expectation of rewarding him with sex. This sort of frame control is what AFCs gladly submit to, and PUAs overcome in order to control the frame. By making the girl the sought-after prize, the man's value drops relative to her's, and if sex happens often it is because she is now indebted to him for all the things he's bought her. Women use sex as a bargaining chip against men in relationships; having sex with her will lessen her power over you.

When she does come over for Day 2, you may want to invite her into your home/apartment briefly, to desensitize her for when you bring her back later. You can give her a quick tour of the home, very matter-of-factly with nothing that implies sex or romance (lights on, no candles or music).

Eventually, you may decide to enter into a long term relationship (LTR) or short term relationship (STR) with a girl. While monogamy works for some, keep in mind that as you stop gaming, your skills will probably get rusty and your Approach Anxiety may creep back. It may therefore be worthwhile to continue gaming, though not fully closing.

All the above being said, there are purists in the community who feel that only an f-close constitutes an actual close. When you start collecting #s you realize that getting a #-close can often be worthless if she flakes, so it is only a tool of timebridging. And kissing is simply a step in Kino Escalation ending in sex, so the k-close is also fairly meaningless. To actually 'seal the deal' you need to go through the entire seduction cycle, meaning you have hooked, built mutual attraction, generated rapport, blown through LMR and had sex.