Girls flake. A lot. Never assume it’s you or your game, because many times there’s something going on in the background when you met her that you’re not privy to (for example, a boyfriend). Assume all closes will flake and never take it personally. As your game improves, you may find # closing is not the problem, but getting them on the phone afterwards is.

Several solutions have been offered to try to minimize flaking:

1. Leave them with your strong identity, particularly that you: are funny, entertaining, warm and sweet, never run out of interesting things to say, and can be vulnerable and soft.

2. Consider running some A2 and A3 after you’ve been in comfort, just to re-establish your prizability.

3. Stay in set long after you # close (at least 5 minutes, but longer if you can hold her interest). # close in A3 or early comfort and then try to get as deep into comfort as you can (or seduction, though you risk buyers remorse). Spend at least 30 minutes in comfort on Day 1.

4. 'cocky funny' master David DeAngelo prefers email closing. He goes first for the email, then as an ‘afterthought’ asks for the phone #. He has found that email correspondence first will compel her to respond on the phone later.

5. Have them suggest the # exchange as opposed to you asking: ‘I think we’d really enjoy each other’s company. How can we go about seeing each other again?’

6. You can ask for the # under the guise of some other reason besides dating, but we do not suggest this. For example, ‘Oh you sing? Well I manage singers’ or ‘You have a great voice and I’m looking for girls to do voice over for a movie.’ When they give you their # and then realize you’re running game, it just looks sleazy and repels them.

7. Have them pinky promise they’ll answer when you call. This can seem try hard, but women often do consider pinky promises sacred.

8. Tell them you want to continue the convo later when you get to your car, and do call them that night. They might get accustomed to your phone call if it immediately follows the pickup.

9. If you get the voice mail, always appear non-needy. Better than asking her out on a date, just leave a funny message or opinion opener type of message. This way she gets used to your calls as a regular part of her life.

10. When calling, continue to apply FTC and be the one who ends each call. Do not spend an eternity on the phone with her. Get the date established and then end the call. You cannot effectively run game over the phone. However, out of necessity, comfort-building can be done in part over the phone.

11. Text messaging and email are preferred by many over phone messages. You can spend more time carefully wording and responding, can ask others for advice on how best to respond, and can time your responses to play with her emotional state. You should try to imbue a sense of intrigue and mystery into the TM/email. “Hey, it’s PUA. Wanna go out?’ doesn’t grab as well as ‘Hey, rocker girl. Do you like dogs?’ or ‘Did I miss your birthday?’

12. If the 1st call doesn’t get a response, many times the second will. Two strikes, they're out. Move on to the next target and maybe return to this number in a week or two. Some PUAs are more persistent, but sometimes it's best just to take the hint.

13. Using a time bridge during the initial pickup is more effective than leaving things up in the air. Have a specific pre-existing plan and invite her along, as opposed to a ‘hey, we should hang out sometime’ statement.
Make the first meeting interesting; movies and coffee are out. Walks on the beach, window shopping, dog park are things that are preferable. Many PUAs recommend not even having a ‘date,’ and certainly don’t spend money on her until she has earned it (with at least a kiss). David D recommends making it clear to her that the point of the first date is for YOU
to qualify HER, and that flaking is unacceptable. He ends the calls with something along the lines of ‘…and if nothing else, we can just be friends.’

14. Solid A3 helps reduce flaking.

15. She should always be chasing you at every stage of pick-up, or at least that should be your frame.