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    Default Thoughts on being attractive

    Hey guys,
    I've heard many an AFC bag on PUA's because they think all our so called techniques don't work. They think we can just get away with it because we are attractive. But let me touch on this a little bit. I believe the reason we are considered "Puas" is because we strive to be our best in every way possible with women. Most of us go to the gym, we eat right, we dress nice, we are well groomed. We play whatever role we need to make us attractive. I believe being attractive is a choice, you can get any girl to become attracted to you if you play your cards right. I mean all those AFC who bag on (as mystery calls it) the Venusian Arts are probably just more in a Mindset to wallow in their own self pity, then to actually do something to change themselves. I'd be curious to see everyone's thoughts on this subject.
    Thanks for your time guys.
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    Default Re: Thoughts on being attractive

    I know you feel buddy, I showed a few AFC friends the psychological tests like the cube and palm reading and they thought it will never work on girls but some people are just blown away by it and actually believe in it.

    I had an incident last week when I was on Skype with some friends and one of them is this 16 year old nerd (I'm 19) and in the first conversation he thought I was using my experience and confidence to put him down and make him feel bad but that was because of past things when I would take the piss out of him and it was just overall banter but then in another call I did the cube over skype with a different friend (the nerdy guy was in the call too) and after that they where blown away by it and I told them how my confidence was all learnt and they can learn it too, just get of your comfort zone and try new things rather than play online games!

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