Lesson #1-Being Prepared

To get girls, you have to have a lot of factors working together for you.
But the single area that you have the most control over is your appearance.
Its a known fact that to create chemistry with a girl you have to know how
to connect with her emotions. Well taking excellent care of yourself will
automatically trigger part of her emotions right off the bat. Think about
that for a second. You don't even have to say a word to the girl and she'll
already be more willing to talk to you because you've triggered her emotions
with your appearance. With that being said, here are the guidelines to follow
for your appearance.

1-Workout Consistently-Ok I'm not saying that you have to look like Arnold or
some Calvin Klein underwear model, but you should definitely go to the gym 3-5x
a week and get yourself in decent shape.

2-Wear nice clothes-By "nice" I don't mean ***** or Armani, just wear clean
clothes that fit your body type and style. I think the most important thing
here is to find a look that fits you. If your a skinny piece of ****, don't
go wearing XXL football jerseys and huge baggy pants. That will just magnify
that fact, that your incredibly underweight. Get a pair of white shoes and
black shoes. You can wear those colors with anything and it will show a girl
you have a sense of style.

3-Keep all areas clean-Girls are very perceptive. They notice the smallest
details about you. Get your haircut regularly. Keep all your nails clipped
and clean. Make sure if you have facial hair its always looking good. If you
have a fat goatee, then keep it combed, its hair isn't it. Get a beard trimmer
if you have that stubble look and keep it trim. Don't have a uni-brow, go to
your mom's bathroom and bust out the tweezer's. Same deal goes for nose hairs.
As far as other body hair goes, I trim everywhere else. Most girls, well the
hot ones, usually only like hair on your head and little bit above your unit.

4-Skin care-Take good care of your skin. Most guys wash their face with soap
and water and that's it. I like to go in the steam room after I work out,
and eat a lot of fruit. You will be surprised, its makes a huge difference
in the way your skin looks. Besides you don't want to break out the night
before you hang out with a hot girl.

If you put these four factors together, you should have a higher self-esteem.
This will make you more confident which is half the battle with the girls.
I did not make this, this was made by Saucehead of Bodybuilding.com forums. But these four tips have really helped me out so I thought I'd share them with you. There obvious, but a reminder doesn't hurt.