Having a good wing man rules... but here are the RULES for a good wing man.

Wings are fellow PUAs who assist you in field to open sets and distract the obstacles so that you can run game on your target. You may try to recruit one of your AFC friends to wing you, though frequently in explaining these tactics to them you will be met with highly judgmental, misinformed reactions. Often times, AFCs will generate a litany of reasons not to learn or apply these techniques, and it primarily comes from a place of fear. Fear of approaching, fear of getting blown out, fear that everything they know about dating is wrong. If an AFC is not interested in learning pick up for whatever reason, or if they blow you out of sets in field, abandon them until they are more receptive, and find a genuine, capable wing to assist you.

Now, the rules:
1. The one who opens the set owns it. Let him pick his target, while the wing occupies the obstacle.

2. The wing should enter later, not with you in A1. He should wait for IOIs from the set. Entering together appears predatory.

3. Wings take priority over the set. If the wing enters, face him and greet him. Don?t reduce his value by talking with the set in spite of him.

4. The Michelle Gambit. When the wing enters he should ask you if you?ve seen Michelle, while he ignores the set. You respond No and then as he leaves to ?find Michelle? you grab his arm as an after-thought and say ?Hey, man you should meet these girls. They?re cool.? Neg the target to identify her to the wing ('...except this one, I'm still not sure about her'). Next, the wing introduces himself and asks how they know you. He then occupies the obstacle(s) (the one you aren?t negging).

5. As an alternative to #4, run an AI (accomplishment intro) for the wing and then introduce him.

6. The wing can occupy the target for a few minutes to in essence AI you, then pass the target back to you.

7. Newbie trick #1: You can setup the wing by sending him into a set as a pseudo-AMOG. He runs game, then you come in and purposely blow him out. This will raise your value and make it easier to game them. Newbie trick #2: A wing can enter a set and devalue them by grossed-out facial expression and then eject. You then enter, looking like a hero.

8. When asking permission of the set to isolate the target, your wing should be the first to say yes, so that the obstacle will likely go along with it.

9. Once the target is isolated, the wing should stay away.

10. Always take the wing?s side in an disagreement.

11. If later Kino Escalation is timed such that you and the wing are escalating similarly, compliance will improve. That is, often a girl will feel like less of a slut if her friend is complying. In contrast, if one has escalated faster than the friend, they may both reject the escalation.

A pivot is like a wing, but is an HB who does not necessarily have a romantic or sexual relationship with the PUA. She is called a pivot because when entering a room, attention goes to her first because of her looks, and then 'pivots' to the PUA. Pivots are useful in establishing preselection.