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    Default Help create this opener i just thought of

    Equipment: Lottery number selection sheet with your choices of numbers leaving two numbers unselected.

    Then you can ask a girl "Hey, just something real quick, I need your opinion, I cant make up my mind with what to choose as the last two numbers for my ticket, so what do you say?"

    Then she will probably tell you two numbers, allowing you to ask "what made you choose these numbers?" She will probably say "These are my lucky numbers or something along those lines" If she says that they are her lucky numbers then you can ask something like "What makes them your lucky numbers" or "Dont tell me you chose them because atleast one of them is your birthday or both if shes born on a double digit" then you can keep the convo flowing with stuff like "If i won a million dollars i would .... what would you do?" What would you rather have "All the money life can buy or find the love of your life"

    For the close you can use the opener as a close with something like "It was nice talking to you and hopefully the numbers will bring luck to my ticket but if they dont im going to want to kill you so why dont you give me your number, but if i win, your definitly not getting a call"

    Chances are your not winning above $2 lol

    Just a rough plot, any inputs and changes you can offer? Im new to this stuff.

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    Default Re: Help create this opener i just thought of

    If you really want to use it, the language of your close is too strong with the "I'll want to kill you", and it needs to be shortened
    "so when I win, how do I get ahold of you to share my winnings?"

    I like the creativity, but it's far too complex, I think itll get fumbled. Openers are just openers, to get your foot in the door. If you're new go with the tested opinion openers, proven to spark a girls curiosity.
    See an indirect opener (which this is) is designed to get around the question of 'why is he talking to me', unfortunately this doesn't explain that, you can only have one girl chose numbers for you, so she'll wonder why her

    It's an decent prop however for mid discussion, have it in your wallet or something and as you order a drink bring it up (because it's there and you already pulled your wallet out for another reason) and you can use the 2 number question as another thread and possibly use it for your close later.

    To be honest I still think the idea of suggesting a fun event, and relating back to that at close, is still very effective.

    Please Field Test it and post your story, I think there's a place to work it in, just not necessarily the opener
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