Folks, trying to pick this gal from a dating site...along w/ some mixture of PUA's ideas that go w/ a couple of my own creative lines...... I really need ur advice for next msg on the bottom of the dialgoue. Many thanks for your input in advance!

Here is a report below (it contains a real time conversation between deaf guy and hearing lady - HB8) sh1tting lines or make-up lines. I should let u know upfront is that my gut feeling tells me that this gal is in her "sensitive" range....and she is a bit forward from what I can tell frm her dating profile background. I lower my calibration a bit frm here to target her.

Me: Hey there...would ya like that to learn some sign language w/ me for a fun as a partner in crime? (ya, i am deaf, and I can sleep much better than u are!

Her: Hello mom knows sign language I know very little long have u been deaf for

Me: Been "spiritual hearing" all in my past life.....but I am here in this world for my first "tryout" to be deaf! No worries....u will def get a hearing child, but pls do not rush it....not yet. Perhaps next year or two. Fun stuff comes first, ya know!

(Background info---it is obvious she is checking my dating profile background....see, she replied this on the same day at night time...not day after. I knew she likes meeting a guy who can do I posted a picture of myself along w/ snowboard for dhv hints at the dating site...before emailing her).

Her: So I see u snowboard ..... I love snowboarding, I have all my own gear just sometimes its hard to find someone to go with ....what about you ....

(Guys, I DID tried to break the DEADLY rules by replying w/ a bit lengthy line instead of short one here....I know I shouldn't do that ...but my gut feeling tells me that she WILL respond to my lengthy lines, tho. I responded to her inquiry NEXT DAY)

Me: Mmm....that is great ...say r u a beginner or advanced skill? Any favorite particular trick that ya have in mind? I hope ya r not tricking me to ask ya out to snowboard, aren't ya?

(a line break here...then continuing)

Me: I went with a group early this year at Cystral Mountain (Mt. Rainier area in WA). It was awesome view to see a close-up mtn like Mt. Rainier. I want to keep this conversation short & sweet... so that we can save our conversation about snwbrd stuff..until nxt time.

(another line break here...then continuing to write....i know, guys, i is quite **danger** move right here..when I DID created additional lines below.....VERY RISKY!....but pls bear with me, guys....just take a look at end result)

ME: Say what is your schedule look like next week? I am busy on M/T/W but am available TH/F. Let's make tentative plan for now ....until confirmed.

(I guess it correctly with my gut feeling…she DID responded right back! Even she replied to this lengthy note ….on VERY SAME DAY! I knew all along that she WANTS me so badly... as she specifically looked for a snowboard partner, according to her dating profile...PLUS the fact is that she lives in CA...and there aren't many snowboarding guys know).

(FYI, she made a comment below ….cuz she also saw a picture of myself wearing a cowboy hat along w/ my own horse at the dating site....but she did ignored my questions frm above)

Her: I have a truck but its always nice having a passenger

(So far, so good)

(I am fortunate enough that I still get 101 signal frm her w/ her last line...)

So, folks..what is your take frm here? I haven't reply to her yet ....I have several stratgies in mind.. but I want to hear this first from ya.

I am thinking that I will not respond back to her today. I fully aware there is a risk involved there are tons of guys at the dating site may be hittting on her right now (she is in california....where tons of pua guys exist over there, ya know) I can afford to skip for a day, tho (today is Friday)....then I will respond tomorrow (Sat)....with a shorter version.

I need to wrap this gal up w/ a smart hook-up line with....pls notice I haven't ask her for email yet so far....just call it a hush that she will give one to me ...any suggestion to respond to her last line as shown above? Thanks a bunch!