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    JamesP Guest

    Default The Dance Floor - Caution

    Myster has said that "The dance floor is a trap".

    Basically normal game won't work there, unless your game consists of strong aggressive sexual dancing. I mean, it's too loud to really talk or tell stories of course. Not using the dance floor should make the rest of venue easier for you to find success. With that being the case, if you like to dance it is easy to get tons of contact and kind during the comfort stage.

    Just normal dancing is comprised of all sorts of low value.

    1 The girls on the dance floor have all the control.

    2 A group of girls dancing amongst themselves will have a pack mentality, making it easy to dismiss you.

    3 How do you eject if it doesn't work well.

    4 It is easy for a girl to ignore you, and lower your value.

    5 Many people are watching the dance floor, so hunting for women there can be seen by everyone.

    6 Dancing is hard to actually dhv

    7 Most of the AMOGs are on the dance floor.

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    Dreamz Guest


    Actually, dance floors aren't bad in terms of PU. They are not suited for Mystery's approach to gaming, but they are real winners for others.

    A friend of mine uses the dance floor obsessively, effectively proving point 1 of your post dead wrong. He has ALL control of the interaction, even though he dances like SHIT! He is very direct and pulls girls consistantly using the dance floor as a state-building tool.

    When I go to a club I will go to a dance floor simply because I love to tune out the rest of the world. It is where I do all my state work. I will choose to dance alone at all times and almost never look at anyone. I am in my own world. It occasionally happens that I am approached on the dance floor and when it does I pull in the girl waist to waist IMMEDIATELY, have her lean in to speak directly into my ear. I briefly say something like "let's talk later, this is a dance floor," and then push her away again. I display my confidence and I don't give a shit for the ego-bitches; I am indifferent to them. When they look, I smile and turn away. I just dance. Effectively countering you point # 6. I am in the zone. And I re-open the girl later.

    I view the dance floor as a place where I can go to clear out my head and tune in my state. By dancing, and dancing only.

    One of my favorite things to do on the dance floor is to play imaginary hacky sack, preferrably with the friend I mentioned earlier. It's hilarious, and always draws EC and AI's from girls on or near the dance floor.

    As for ejecting from the dance floor in style: No matter what has happened out there, I will open someone as I leave the dance floor. Doing this, I establish more social proof, which underlines my social value = dhv.

    EVERY setting holds possibilities. Look for them.
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    Sir Cedric Guest


    One thing about the dance floor that I notice is guys that don't give two shits about what they look like or who is watching them get all the play. Another thing I notice about the dance floor is that its a horriable place to go if your drunk off your ass its ok to drink out the nervous feelings so you can stay on beat but not fucking hammerd you will become a show and you will ruion the dance floor. The man thing I hate is when guys get into a fucking pissing contest and everybody makes a circle and watch to AFC's try to out dance each other first off that makes the gay because their dancing with each other second off it fucking blows cuase they will get off you to watch this bullshit for no reason at all I'd rather watch it if the winner of the pissing contest gets laid but he dosn't casue hes to busy worried about others. Oh and whisper on the dance floor its a turn on when you do it in her ear.


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