Short Story: (Total estimate talking time was 45 mins, that includes dancing) Was at club wall, girl came and stood beside me, she was a HB10, I talk to her got her smiling. I Kino within 2mins she responded herself. We went to the dance floor and dance our azz off. We went back to the bar and talked and kino some more. We went back to the dance floor again and dance our azz off. We went to a different part of the venue and talked and kino and I k-closed and n-closed. We start talking about work and where I hang out and she said she hasnt been there before so I told her we can do something next week since she told me she got her friends birthday thing tomorrow. She then said maybe in hanging out? She told me to wait one minute because she left her phone at the bar. I told her let me follow you and she said no she is okay she will be back. Right there a dark cloud circle my head because I never been ditched before and I felt like I was being ditched.

Anyways, I waited 5 mins and left and went to talk to a hot bartender chick. My friend came over and asked about her the HB10 I told him she ditched me and he was angry because he said she looked like she really liked me. So he went searching through the dance floor and saw her dancing with some other guy.

1. Question guys should I delete her humber?
2. If no to deleting her number what should I text her saying? (Yeah I never been in this situation before so my mind is blank)
3. Should I say fark her and move on? She was gorgeous though, I dont know man. Fark. My friend say to move on but he said she was super hot.