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    Cool Fairy Ear Surgery Routine

    I've recently crafted me first routine. Made for the comfort building stage, it is my first strike of gold in the development of my own material. Similar to Style's U versus c shaped smile routine it helps catch the interest of the women, then puts you in your own little word with her.

    First you open, blah, blah, blah, and then "Have you ever heard of 'Fairy ear surgery'?"
    Whether she says yes or no, because it is in fact a real thing, doesnt matter.
    "Well I had this Tinkerbell looking ex girlfriend, but she wasn't just a fan of tinkerbell, she was tinkerbell. Anyways she started saving up money from her job at the club (Club as in she is a dancer, but only tell her if she asks (dhv)) she was saving up for Fairy ear surgery. She was convinced that not only would guys find her more attractive, but even women wouldn't be able to help but feel attractive. Since then shes got it, and honestly its working for her. Shes been tearing through guys, I just had to break things off with her because torwards the end of her money saving days, right before her tinkerbelling days, she started to get a little crazy, but hey thats a fiary for you"
    HB"Wow thats weird"
    "Yeah I'm not sure itd work for you though. You may just end up looking like santa's little helper. Then again atleast youre not a troll or goblin."

    Then you can sit back at the bar or club and point out people to eachother you think would be Tinkerbells, elfs, goblins, and trolls. Tinkerbells looking cute, elfs being tall, and goblins and trolls being either fat and ugly. Make sure if you spot another elf not to make sure she isn't too attractive, we dont want the target getting cocky. And if she says someone is a elf you can say, "Shes too good looking to be an elf" (if youre feeling lucky)
    Jack Jericho

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    Default Re: Fairy Ear Surgery Routine

    Nice! I'm gonna use this one. Probably can cold-read some of her characteristics based on who in the bar she calls fairy, troll, elf or goblin.
    DTF HB's omw 2 LTR

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