I am working as a waiter this summer and I would like to know your suggestions on openers, as well as give me feedback on the few I have done already. I will post one at a time so it doesn't get boring !

Set of 2 girls, the one I was interested on was HB 7.5. I made some jokes which they liked and at the end when they were going to go I approached them and the conversation went like this (it was in french, I'm translating it)

Me: Hey girls I am dieing to tell you something but you have to promise me that you are not going to be mad.

HB 7.5: (smiling) okay I promise

Me: So I have to tell you that you two are kind of cute and seem to be quite fun... almost as much as me (told with a joking face and mood, they smile) and I was wondering what were you going to do after you leave.

HB 7.5: Okay so personally I am not mad at you (laughing)

Me: I like that!

HB 7.5 looks to her friend waiting for approval and finally says: well we're going to X pub. What time do you finish working?

The conversation ended well and that night I went to that pub later than promised just so they wouldn't think that I'm desperate. I didn't find them that night but the following night they were in another disco and the HB 7.5 recognised me (she pointed at me and told something to her friend). She first APOLOGIZED because they left early from X club, then we talked for 3 min, I moved to her friend to say hello (I think we should never forget the friends!) and moved back to HB 7.5. And I told her I had to meet a friend and that I would be back in a few minutes. After 2 min I pass by her side and I gently touch her back, she turns and smiles. I leave again. Then I come back and she was with another guy and I just left it there. What should I do if I see her again? I was thinking something like: "are you still mad at me?"

Thanks for reading this wall of text (that tells a lot about you!) and I would really like to know more possible openers for a waiter