You must tease her, in order to please her.

Aspiring PUAs often get the neg wrong, and wind up insulting the girl. Negs should always be playful and end with her chuckling. Shake her sweaty hand and go...'Ewww...where has that hand been? No wait, I don't want to know!' Negs disqualify yourself (she's icky or has made some social faux pas and therefore not appealing to you), and drop her relative value.

Negs generally aren't used once you get into comfort, but you can use them clear up to that point.

Mystery?s Neg Warfare
Get a volley of negs going between you and the target until she gets irritated and the mood gets uncomfortable. When the
target sends the third neg, go for a hug and qualify her for her prowess, then physically IOD. If others are in the set, Disarm them after the second neg by whispering something like, ?this is called flirting.?