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    MHJ Guest

    Default Past Mistakes and Errors

    Without a doubt, if someone has suffered from a past embarrassing experience the person may be less likely to have confidence in himself. That is why it is important to look at past mistakes and analyze how to correct such mistakes and not dwell on them.

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    crystal Guest


    I've done so many mistakes in life before and I'm not so sure if I can correct it in the present. The only solution I have in mind now is to do good things to other people. In this way, it lessens all my burdens in life. The bottomline is I have so many regrets in life.

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    manojjonam10 Guest


    Actually it depends upon the way the person sees his mistakes. He may take it in a positive manner and be more correct in the future or he may end his relationship.

    However I don't think many people can get rid of their past experience and go for a future relationship.


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