Every model follows the same steps for picking up women. If u arent following these steps then u are not reaching ur full potential as pickup artist. All sports have their own at the base skills that u have to master in order to perfect any other portion of there game. These are called the basics and like any sport, pickup has its base rules.

The oppener

The oppener consists of first getting the girls attention with a hey. Put a loud deep demanding voice behind it. Ive litterally screamed hey at girls before to get their attention. Dont be afraid to let urself be heard.

The transition

The transistion is meant to get a conversation started and to lock u into the conversation. You can make a clever comment about something shes wearing or simply start talking about something else with the girl. Assume that you two should talk.


Attraction is the hardest the hardest step for anyone to master n it takes a mixture of inner game, value techniques, dhvs, frame control n Push Pull to master. If ur new to the community, focus on this part first n formost. If ur good at this you'll naturally pickup girls in your everyday life as well as when ur picking up.


This unlike attraction is the last thing you should practice out of all of these. Qualification is a very valuable technique but is not nessacarily needed. This is where you develope traits about a women that you want ur ideal other to have then you hold women to this. Another reason i feel this is not something u want early on is becuz if your not used to dating beautiful women ur not going to hold them to these standards. Get good at the game first, get some 10s under your belt then ull start to notice things u didnt like about them.


This is the lock in of pickup and must be followed after attraction. If you try to get rapport before attraction then u might as well ask if u can just be friends. This is where u find commonalities between you n her. Basically build an emotional connection so when the attraction dies down later on or starts to deflate she still has this with you.