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    Default having trouble with second kiss (she is having second thoughts)

    so the girl i k-closed on my first day of college is having second thoughts about us, she keeps wanting to have these deep emotional convo's while i'm trying to keep it light and playful. i think she might have been hurt by her last boyfriend she had. she won't kiss me though we've been having some pretty heavy Kino. i talked to her for like two hours today building some deep report,but i don't know if that's what i should be doing. i don't really want an LTR but i think its gonna take some time to break her anti-slut shield.

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    Default Re: having trouble with second kiss (she is having second thoughts)

    Hey man, i just had the same problem tonight, except that i saw it by reading her facial expressions it and had to make her spit it out.. Her last two boyfriends within six months have dumped her for their previous LT's. I dumped my LT two months ago. Now i am not stupid, i obviously didnt tell her that. I'm a barman in a Irish pub, and over here, if you play it right...Jeasussss! Trouble is ive been out of the game for quite a while, i'm a bit rusty but it can really feel it slowly crawling back. Right, sorry, back to the point, People talk a lot and my sudden change back to single, well that news appears to have travelled...


    My real point is: To her I fitted exactly the same pattern as her last two ex BFs.I convinced her that it would not be the case ( it could be for another, but not for my ex ;-) ). Got some Kino going. Jokingly told her to hide because my ex was walking in the room. Kissed her.

    So basicaly, and this is just my humble opinion you need to find out what's blocking her and get her to laugh about it.

    P.S: This is my first post on this forum. Looking forward to exploring the potential here..

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