So I have this tendency to get myself into arguments/debates with people but with girls in particular, I am having some second thoughts about whether I should ever engage in one with them. I'm talking about the kinds of "debates/arguments" that come up in rapport and most likely ends up killing it.

Most of the time I start breaking down their "logic" structure and how their opinions aren't exactly supported by it. I often point out the fallacies and am often retorted with "well that's just your opinion" although it has little to do with my opinion than it has to do with how logic works. I'm merely the guy interpreting logic for them to learn about it and reconsider their opinions.

I think the most annoying part of these sorts of interactions is "it's just your opinion". People can just feel so empowered by that phrase and similar sorts of it because it suggests that people are "justified" to believe whatever they choose to believe. In relevance to gaming with girls, how does a PUA confront something like this? I mean, I argue to dhv but mostly to understand them better. When a phrase like this comes out of their mouths it's like they are refusing to understand.

Any advice?

- SuperDry