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Thread: Approach without talking - Immediate Kino (dancefloor)

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    Default Approach without talking - Immediate Kino (dancefloor)

    So I didn't made up this technique myself.. i never tested it yet.

    NOTE : This technique should only be used in a really crowded dance floor, and can only be used with sets of only females (or a big mixed group if you want, not recommended)

    1) Choose a target which is dancing with at least 1 more girl
    2) Make your way up to the girls without making any eye contact.
    3) Act like an asshole and walk right through the 2 of them. (or how much they are)

    They will back away from each other, roll their eyes and think, “Who does this asshole think he is?” That’s when you show them!

    4) As soon as they spread apart, take one step so you stay between them, and start dancing like there’s no tomorrow!

    If you do it right you will soon you will be freaking both girls to the amazement of anyone who’s watching!

    5) Turn towards the one you want and let the other one grind on your back. It’s great to be the man!

    If you want to be a bit more of a 'gentleman' you can smile at them and say excuse me, yet still look like you are just passing through.

    Any Thoughts?
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    Default Re: Approach without talking - Immediate Kino (dancefloor)

    I have much experience with the dancefloor and club game. I can say that this technique works, but not ALL the time lol. Depending on the woman she can just straight up push you and tell you to go away. I've seen it before. So I guess this would be under the high risk/high reward thing.

    I actually came up with this one technique by accident. It's worked almost every time and not sure exactly why, but I'll try to guess.

    I do a lot of dancing and sometimes I hit the dance floor alone. I acknowledge people while dancing just to spread a good fun energy. While I'm dancing I will take a couple of peeps to see who is watching. Sometimes a woman will see, sometimes not. Regardless I will do little things to show that they are catching my eye. Like smiling at them while nodding to show approval, walking by them while tapping them on the shoulder.

    Then one day I did something completely natural. So natural that I didn't notice until after a few times of doing it of how well it seemed to work. I started to think "I may be on to something here."

    I would walk by with my drink, tap them on the shoulder, then hold up my index finger while still walking as if to say "Wait right there, I will be right back." Continue to set my drink down and walk right up to her with no resistance to me taking charge by telling her to wait just by holding up my finger without looking at her and slow confident body language.

    I still don't know if this is what does it or maybe something else I did, but it's worked a few times, and consistently. So I am still experimenting with it, but so far so good. And if I'm right, then I'm still not sure WHY it works. Maybe something about taking the leader role and letting her know that I'm coming for her and I don't need permission.

    Also the spinning technique works REALLY well on the dance floor. Better with women who are already dancing.

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    Default Re: Approach without talking - Immediate Kino (dancefloor)

    damn i will try it :P, approaching in clubs is a nightmare for me due to high volumes, this should fix it up!

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