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    Default How to react when she burns your routine?

    So i was in this club with my drink and suddenly 2 gilrs on the other side of the table were looking at me.. I smiled and they smiled to me as well.. I waited some minutes, then i went there to open them..
    They were face to the table.. I came close to the obstacle, and asked to the barman to put more ice in my drink.. So now I had my position and i could open.

    theRocker: hey!
    They didn't turn. Again.
    theRocker: hi! How are you?
    HB: fine!
    theRocker: it's a great bar here! Isn't it?

    So we started speaking about small talks.. Both with the obstacle and with the target.. We talked about how long we have been in this city, about our nationalities and staff like that.. Then i took the next step.

    theRocker: are you very close friends?
    HBs: yes.
    theRocker: i could say that! I see it!..

    So i was in.. The obstacle moved a step back to other friends.. And it was time to use the heavy guns with the terget. I decided to use the magic spells routine.. So I told the story of my friend falling in love with a girl after she performed a magic spell on him.. Unfortunately my voice started fuckin vibrating..

    theRocker: i say that because i never believed in magic spells.. But then something amazing happened to me.. Give me your hands..
    HB: no.
    theRocker: come on.. I'm not a bad boy..

    But nothing.. i couldn't go on.. i didn't know how to react.. so 1 minute later i was telling "nice to have met you.. Bye.."

    I know that i forgot to neg her!! I also know i had to perform the routine without trembling my voice.. And probably i had not to go away just because of one IOD.. she seemed to be interested in me before this IOD.. But i didn't know what i could tell her after she didn't respond to my routine..

    any opinion?

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    Default Re: How to react when she burns your routine?

    First of all, trembling voice may have been your undoing. If you lose the frame, you lose the girl. Secondly, don't ever ask twice. Cut the thread and move on to the next. On a side note, I'm going to highly suggest finding routines that deal with "her" and not you.

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