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    Default esp failed twice

    It was the one where you have them multiply their number by nine, add those two digits together (which always equals nine) subtract five, convert it to its corresponding letter in the alphabet and choose a country that starts with that letter... you get the drift. Anyway I used it twice tonight thinking it was the bomb but it didn't work out so well. One time the girl's friend was an engineer, so she figured the two digit nine thing out in seconds and called me on it (the girl I was doing it on then said she had figured it out too, and I'm not confident she was fibbing). The other time it worked perfectly but she just didn't seem that impressed. My set up was that I was practicing for a competition with a friend (this was about two minutes into the conversation). after I had gotten her down to a color I told her to try and imagine everything in the room was shades of that color and to hold that. Then I started looking around the bar like I was trying to see the projection of her thoughts. As I said she didn't really seem that impressed when I guessed her color correctly.
    with that in mind I have three questions.
    1: does this trick work for anyone else? I'm not sure because of the noise, but I think the second girl may have figured out the nine trick as well. maybe this is only good for drunk chicks?
    2: if the trick was solid, was my (apparent) reason for trying it poor? I can see how telling someone you are practicing for a stupid little competition between friends (I phrased it as one in a series of competitions) could get her in the head space that it's definitely not really esp.
    3: Was my choice of visualization and my looking around thing a good ending, or does it sound dorky? At the time I thought it was funner than just staring into her eyes as I tried to pull her color out of her soul. Now I'm not so sure.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks guys!

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    Default Re: esp failed twice

    u'll run into girls who r unimpressed.

    1) always keep cool
    -- otherwise u become less of a man and u second guess ur game. u want neither
    2) if she is unphased, accept that it is ur fault, thank her kindly for her time, and move onto the next
    -- she maybe having a bad day or nothing will be making her smile

    girls who r into u - will help u along

    what u an do to improve ur chances is to
    1) talk to people unrelated to ur targets to warm ur game up
    2) makes sure ur no dressed a slob or wimpy
    3) i normally open with a compliment - speak abt compliment - and then show trick


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