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    Default Testing out new opener from Klaurtar

    Just thought of this last night. Walk up to a girl and say hi, I'm training to become a psychic, do you mind if i try and guess your name? (I know you shouldn't open with a yes or no Q but it gets the job done) Most likely they'll be interested and say yes in which you respond, ok well i need some sort of physical connection for it to work and hold out your pinky allowing her to wrap her pinky around yours (Kino). Close your eyes and say a random girl name,cindy/katie/daniela etc doesnt matter. When you get it wrong say ok one more time and guess again. Finally when you say another name and its wrong say darn, I need a lot more practice, what is your name? when she tells you her name say ok ok let me start over. Turn around then pretend to approach again and say hi, I'm training to become a psychic, do you mind if i try and guess your name? and then say the right name! Bada bing, humor/kino/ and you're in the set

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    Default Re: Testing out new opener!

    well it sounds good on paper but i don't think you'd be able to keep her attention long enough to pull it off, maybe if you shorten it a bit it could work for night game on drunk girls, but i think it has limited potential. have you feild tested it?

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