You want to be alpha, well let me make it short and sweet. Get Power. No gimmicks nothing.

All attraction switches are about power, don't focus on developing the traits of the quote on quote alpha male. The idea of the alpha male is to scattered by wanna be pickup artists and the real deal. Its pointless even to try to sift through all the garbage. Don't watch tom cruise or james bond. Watch mob wives, watch the documentary the lime light. Look at how men with wealth, with women or with leagues of followers act. You want to be an alpha male, then become a man of power.

All attraction switches, even humor is a trait of the high ranking.

If your in a interaction with a girl and you cant remember any of the switches or anything cute/funny to say. Then think about what you want to say and talk about.

If a girl treats you in a way you find distasteful, walk away. If a friend treats you poorly nip it in the butt. Be an alpha, be powerful.