This is one of my favorite techniques and is also the key to understanding an using frames.

Okay, lets pretend that your in a set with a women and shes angry and your happy. If your happiness is stronger and more persistant than her anger than she will also become happy. Have you been in the presence of someone thats angry, its damn hard not to get angry yourself. How about anxious, tired, scared or even warm and friendly. We as humans are very much codepent on each other. Its not mumbo jumbo that I'm spouting, this is group theory.

Okay, lets put this in a different situation. Lets say shes putting up LMR, if your horny for long enough than she herself will become horny as well.

If I want a women to feel an emotion, I feel it myself. Teach yourself to feel an emotion when ever you need it. I can make myself feel happy, excited or horny when ever I want in set (this technique also works in sales jobs fyi).

Lets take this a step even further now. Lets say that you have a view about the world and your arguing with someone about an opposing belief. If you believe it hard enough no matter how obsurd and the person is around you long enough they will begin to believe it as well. This is how cults are built. Views and beliefs transfer over to others just as easily as emotions. This is what makes culture, fashion and even religion possible.

Frames are one of the hardest concepts in pua to pickup and is the most powerful. If you have frame control and frame manipulation skills you are unstoppable.