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    Default Neg idea (possibly)

    Not sure if this has already been suggested but ah well(probably has). So I was watching some of sasha daygamers stuff on youtube and I thought, hmm I wonder if when I neg an HB or push her away that on the pull back I respond with some far out comment

    ex. (she texts too slow for my liking)

    Me- Damn my grandma texts faster than you, did you get put in the hospital by a crazy streetbum while jogging today or something (insert smiley)?

    I figure this way no matter what it eliminates any chance of her taking my neg the wrong way right as the reason I give is pretty ridiculous/humorous and poses a question for her to hook onto.

    What do you guy think?

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    Default Re: Neg idea (possibly)

    I think it's a good try my friend.

    A neg is simply noticing she is not perfect.

    "You say 'like' alot."

    "Your hands are dry/sweaty."

    So what you did was more of a clever tease instead of a neg.

    Its a nice clever line, the only issue i see happening is that if she isn't involved in the conversation she will just respond with

    "Lol no"

    You definitely want to pay attention to each others investment level rather than how clever your line is. Sometimes keeping it simple really is better. I've gotten intense responses from women simply by saying "Oh" at the right moment. Hope this helps and good luck.
    "All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth."

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