My favorite thing to do in a class (did it by accident before I ever started researching pickup and it worked with AMAZING results) is developing social proof within the class.


My chemistry professor is very smart, and lighthearted man who likes to crack jokes, but very few people laugh at them because he's a little rough around the edges (geeky)
The fact that he tries these jokes multiple times throughout the class however, shows me he's light hearted and wouldn't be offended by me cracking a harmless joke about his lecture.

Today in lab, he was going on and on about putting charts together and teaching us all the 'super awesome' things we can do with the graph like labeling it and generating lines of best fit. It was one of those moments where you could tell everyone in the class was losing interest, getting bored, and started daydreaming/texting, so I thought it was an appropriate time to politely interrupt him and ask "so for the lines of best fit, is hot pink okay?" Note, as everyone's attention is beginning to wander, speaking with a projecting voice from the diaphragm, and adding good pauses will redirect EVERYONE'S attention to you.

He got a little giggle out of it, as did my peers, and he moved on.

Why do I think this important? It builds my rapport with the class, gives me social value, and social proof as being light hearted and jovial, which makes it MUCH easier for females to make the first move and approach ME.
It also helps the prof out a bit by waking everyone up and getting their attention back on his lecture. (large possibly overseen bonus)

I learned this from one of the LoveSystems seminar recordings.

It's amazing what social proof can do for you in a class/on campus.