Ok, so I am out at a club/ restaurant place, with one guy friend and girl sits down next to me, pause, opens my friend and I.

I think that the girl was an HB 8 but discount because I was drinking so HB 7, let's say. 34 years old. Pretty surprised to have her open but I was dressed well and I like my new hair style so...

We are talking, she is touching me (I think on the arm or shoulder mostly), buys me a drink (both digging for our money and she got it out first), she says that she likes my glasses, teases me about being a germaphobe, twirling her hair while we are talking. I actually neg her in response to the glasses compliment, saying that her earings are interesting. And she's like "what, you don't like them?" I was like they are interesting. She's like, you don't like them. I say that "I like big earings." I am thinking that the timing of this neg wasn't that good but the neg itself seems ok. Comments?

One thing that I think that I did good is that I was not qualifying myself overly so. This was at least some growth for me out of AFC

I was kinda struggling with how to escalte or even just have the conversation be more flirtatious. I started touching her arm/ shoulder and had my leg touching against hers a little later. I think that I did give off at least some sort of a vibe of being fun without being too try hard but my game was weak.

So, anyway, at some point, she has to go. So I was like, we should hang out in NY some time (this was really the only "bridge" that I could find, a city that both of us plan to visit) and so I got her number. I was using my buddy's phone to get her number, though and somehow I farked it up and it didn't save. Couldn't find her to get it again after that.

I found her work number and face book page. Problem is that my facebook page is really weak (I look bad in the photos and it makes it look like I don't have much of a social life). As for the number, she's a doctor (well, she's in residency) and so that's definitely going to mean leaving a message 'cause it would be someone else in the office picking up. Need advice here on how to proceed.