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Thread: Natural Game - How to Become a Natural

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    Default Natural Game - How to Become a Natural

    If you like a girl/are attracted to her, do as the Naturals does:

    Make sure you don't hide the fact that you like her/are attracted to her!

    Try giving her confident Indicators of Interest instead of holding it back and acting cool, playing games and so on... instead let her know that you like her on purpose, and don't be shy about it. An example would be to ask if she is singel fairly early on.. (does not mean to ask if she has a boyfriend, you want to hear that she is singel right? so ask about that, even if you know ) and don't be ashamed by asking, or showing interest. It is a good thing!

    The more a girl can see that you like her, and sees that you don't try to hide it.. the easier it is for her to show you that she is interested back. And it feels good when you can see that a girl likes you, doesn't it?

    Everything just becomes so much easier! Same goes for her.. It becomes easier for her too, when you show her that you like her. She can feel more secure and able to express herself more freely without being afraid.. in other words showing feelings for you, or indicators of interest (both parties feel less afraid of being rejected).

    It is not that you have to do alot.. Or that you have to do more. Actually it is about doing less. Less lying. Less hiding. Less playing games or acting in-authentic (which with-holding interest and hiding it really is)

    An example would be when a girl looks at you and you might think she is interested, .. Don't look away, or try to act cool, give her a wink back instead and smile. Let her know

    Sometimes it presents itself very nice situations where you get the chance to show interest in particularly great ways.. get good at spotting them when they happen, and use the opportunity to for example let her know that you think she is beautiful, IF that is what you really think.
    Every situation that gives a spontaneous chance for coming up with something that shows genuine interest (or desire), is a good situation to do so in, and let her know you are not just beating around the bush so to speak. Why, because the more spontaneous an action is the more real and authentic it is, and seems. (which is why it matters to be in the moment)

    Wether it is all going with the flow, some kind of small general things you always do, or a mix, is up to you, but in the end of the day the person with the most flowing and spontaneous game that just adapts to every situation as it arises will be the better one, and probably the most fulfilled one too.

    The idea though is to start with understanding the underlying principles that guide all the flow and the spontaneity of a Natural throughout all different situations and actions in those situations.

    From own experience I will describe it as an intuition that developes based on a few simpel key principles combined with experience.

    One of the most important ones being this: Communicating Interest - Shamelessly. Directly, or semi directly and early.

    There is no reason why you cannot have speed, fairly "agressive" speed at times in your game and escalation, and shamelessly showing interest (or desire), being forward, yet not fake or sleezy. You can be very forward but it needs to be based on real interest/desire. In other words the outside needs to match the inside better, and if the inside says "I think this girl is hot".. or " I really like this girl" the outside needs to better match that. Letting that shine more through, and not be hidden so to speak.

    Ideally you wanna just go with the flow in situations, but have very little filter between you and her. Let it shine through, without too much hinder. And if you see good opportunities that arises that allows for spontaneous compliments or expressions of a little bit of desire, use them.

    It can be hard or maybe not necessary ether that ALL your communication is geared this way, but the point is, it has to be SOME of it. Or else it becomes boring, she might with-hold her own interest. And you might both go each your separate way both thinking the other person "diden't like me".

    As you understand these principles that guides naturals you will know how to use them better and better, especially with experience which develops the intuition that creates spontaneity and flow. The desired actions and behaviors in any given situation, without having to think so much about it. (or maybe worse, plan it? )

    The starting point is therefor number one understand the principles, and number two use the principles to do some of the actions that Naturals do.

    That being communicating interest and very much never hiding it. In whatever spesific way you find or think is suitable for the situation.

    As you do the actions that Naturals do, you will become more and more that which you do. And intuition and spontaneity will develop with experience.
    And you will be calibrating yourself to the principles and different actions, that you see are effective.

    Why does this approach work, and how does it work?

    If you wan't it in more PU terms;

    Value and Preselection which is the main goals of any PU system or method, will become a result of this. Not because of routines, negs, or indirect games that this community has had so much love for, at least for a while, but because of you being real and honest, not hiding your real opinions or desires so much. This is rare, and is usually only found in Naturals. --> Because of this, you are by girls being put in the same mental category as the Natural, or a category closely related to it. --> Since both the category of the Natural and those close to it is characterized by Value and Preselection , you are now receiving the benefits of those very same characteristics by being placed in the same or very similar category. In other words, you now have Value and Preselection on your side.

    - Same goal achieved -

    - By simpler means than a lot of other methods, in my opinion.

    Therefore I would say it is more effective - which should be the goal - and not least, it feels a hell lot better!

    Hope this gave some value and inspiration and enlightening on the subject of

    the Natural, and the road to becoming one.

    Best of luck in your game,


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    Default Re: Natural Game - How to Become a Natural

    Really nice and inspiring post!

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    Default Re: Natural Game - How to Become a Natural

    What you described is more of Direct Game than anything. But you have to adapt your game to the situation. A HB9 at a club who's getting hit on every minute will be much less perceptive to direct/natural game than a HB8 onbthe street. Direct can come off ass needy, creepy, or incongruent if you don't pull it off correctly. The master pua finetunes and adjusts his game to every situation and personality of girl.

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