aa is the biggest problem that most pua's face when starting out, the thing that no one wants to hear is that the only way to overcome it is by aproaching strangers and opening convorsation. this can seem difficult to many, but i have devised a mission to help destroy AA

1.go to your local shopping center (a mall with at least 10 stores)
2. start on the opposite end of where you parked your car
3. go in every store to "work" your way to the car
4. come up with a situational opener for every store (should be something you can ask an employee their)
"do you have any cool belt buckles"
"wich cologne would be best suited for my date tonight"
"where is the jewlry section"
"wich shoes do you think are the most comfy"
5. youget the idea, you need to ask the questio opener to an employee (Hired Gun) and they will be happy to help as long as you act interested
6. you don't have to buy anything, just make small talk about watever product you're pretending to be interested in
7. move on to the next store
8.repeat this proccess until you get to your car (don't hesitate to go in any store) (i don't recomend going to victoria's secret lol)
afterwards you will realize that people aren't that scary, and you won't likely get shot down by any of them (even the hottest of them) because they value their job