I'm getting more comfortable approaching people in public and starting conversations. I'm also noticing I'm coming up with shit to say a lot quicker - I think this just has something to do with the fact that I'm starting to feel more in my element where I formerly felt the opposite. I still feel like I have to be in a certain mood to sarge. I'm in that mood more and more lately, but I still have days that I really just couldn't carry a conversation with a chick to save my life.

That was what happened last night down at a party in Laguna beach. There was this HB9.5 and just my type at this party who I had several opportunities to open up. She opened me, but the conversation was duller than hell, I just didn't have the energy I needed to make it happen. I was cocky but not funny...not the best combination. I've also noticed that my negs tend not to include a smile, which makes me look like a dick. Anyway, turns out this chick's boyfriend was at the party, but I've recently decided that's no obstacle I should worry about. So I ended up getting nice and wasted and then the energy came and I successfully opened up two sets at the bar, but never moved out of A2. Both sets were about 8 years older than me, and we had great conversations, but I couldn't isolate the target and never really got any IOIs. I opened both sets with jealous girlfriend and then fluffed with the first set until they went to the bar - I should have ejected on a high note instead of letting them choose to leave. The second set I moved from jealous girlfriend to Fluff, to the best friends test. The bar closed in the middle of the best friends test and didn't get to move to A3. I was getting a lot of IOIs from a warpig on that second set, but none from the target. I'm having trouble opening the set, ignoring the target, but at the same time keeping the target from thinking I'm more interested in her friend. I think the problem is that I'm just not creating enough attraction - if I get that down, it shouldn't matter that the target thinks I'm more interested in her friend, they'll both be into me and I can choose.

For the future:
I need to keep the energy going - I'm not sure if I subdue myself in public when I'm sober, but I just don't have the energy and can't think of the same things to say and really make strangers laugh like I can when I'm a little tipsy. I think I'm just too cautious sober and really need to start taking chances and committing to jokes so that they don't sound dull.

I need to sarge every day, even if it's only one set. I'm only really opening sets on the weekends and not when I'm out doing whatever else I do. I'm starting to get into the constant sarging mindset I need to be in to do this, but I need to keep working on it and approaching to get rid of the aa.

I will open at least 3 sets every day for the next two weeks. I'm not going to get over AA unless I do this.