1st post here - thank you for all the help so far, it's been great

Met HB8.5 at a club and talked to her for over half an hour before kissing. Didn't get a number seal (didn't bother asking), however, I did work with her 2 days later. She was awkward at the beginning but I broke the ice and managed to talk to her for a solid 3 hours - the majority of the time she was giving MASSIVE ioi's (touching, complimenting, etc) but I ignored them - yeah, should've escalated but we decided to keep to quiet from other colleagues.

NOW THE TWIST. She filled in her resignation (this was before we met at the club) and her last shift was that last time we talked (now 5 days ago). I need to 'rekindle' this relationship but the only means I have is Face book. She's great to talk to and dates a few guys at the same time so I want to make sure I do something that makes me look alpha.

What I've got so far is:

1. Comment on a picture of her, but comment on something completely random, like the background.*
2. Send her a private message with the opener 'I would change that profile picture if I were you...'*


Asking her about the video on youtube I told her to watch because it was hilarious.

P.S. We talked about a film and she really wanted to watch it - just an idea for escalating into a date.