King Kong,

It does show neediness if you call her to remind her of a date, because to me it demonstrates that you don't have a life, and always available for her. This is why I am a big advocate of having a few more options because 1. It would decrease your neediness because you are seeing more than one girl, 2. If she puts you in the friendzone you just see your other girls and 3. If the friendzone doesn't have the desired effect like she hopes for of you chasing her then it will turn the tables to where she will be chasing you because you didn't play her game. Actually I am in a similiar situation with one of my options because I misread some cues from her and ended up in the friendzone but I put into practice what is being said, and the articles on this board and now I am getting out of the friendzone and the girl is actually buying me gifts and chasing me so the pua stuff does work.