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Thread: High Five Fun

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    One time at a party a couple of weeks ago, I was was unconsciously using high-fives to flirt with a girl, by appreciating and pointing that another girl in the room can high-five better than her or whatever.

    The routine can be used to make a girl jealous, to dhv, kino (oh yeah), to qualify her as being fun and cool, and it's fun in general.

    1. The "pro" way is when you both start at the same time and hit your hands in the middle, then you both move your hands up a little.

    These people are tactful and balanced. They know just exactly how much. Usually they have good social sense. People like you. :wink:

    2. Target goes a little bit faster and actually hits your hand with hers. In the end, her arm will be almost fully outstretched, and yours just starting the high-five.

    People who do that usually are tactless. Some of them lack social intelligence. Others (like your target) just push things too far (or go too far in some stuff).

    3. Target almost passively stays in place so you can hit their hand with yours. So you will be the one finished with an almost fully outstretched hand.

    These people don't hold their own. If they have an opinion, they don't necessarily want it to be heard or taken as true. They can be passive and can be likened to sheep.

    So here is the basic routine...

    OPTION 1

    You: Hey give me a high-five, I wanna check something...(If it's lame):
    You: Oh my god. Ok, wait. I will pretend this hasn't happened. Come on... try again.
    (At this point, she will usually get a bit confused, curious and a little nervous, but she will comply again for sure!)
    She: Wait, what? *blush* What did I do wrong?
    (So here you go with another high five. If the first one is lame, the second will probably be, too)
    You: Omg, heck with it. You know, I have high-fived alot of I can actually put them into three types with different characteristics ... all just by the way they give a high-five. You're from the (insert type 2 or 3 here)!
    (At this point, explain to the target about the three kinds of people, making sure to go cocky and funny, and pointing out that you are from the first type before explaining it )

    After this:
    You: Okay... I can't let you do it like that. People will laugh at you when you do that.
    (Then teach her how to high-five like a pro. You know, it's all about timing and all that jazz.)

    After she gets it:
    You: Heheh, good job! Thats some f*ckin teamwork! (insert a quick hug or something fun here)


    The HB high-fives like pro
    You: Wow! Nice. You know, most people can't high- five, no matter how easy it looks. Actually, there are 3 kinds of people... We belong to the first one.
    (Then explain to her the three types, then cheer her up again with another high-five, a wink and a smile.)


    To use this to neg or to make a girl jealous, you need to point out the way that another girl high-fives, and then turn to your target while clicking your tongue and winking at her as if to say, "Nice. Now that's impressive".


    I love to use statements like "Me and you, baby," "Work that magic, girl," "Teamwork!" and "Wonder Twin powers... activate!" to create a better connection with your target.

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    I was doing this like crazy last night at a party and it was amazing. The girls loved it!


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