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    Red face Was I heavily tested by this girl at the bar?

    I opened this girl at bar, we were chatting first stuff like where are you from and normal stuff... and bla bla! It wasn't boring conversation, even though topic was "normal".

    Suddenly the woman started to test me. There was man standing near us and woman was "Look how wonderful shirt! So great pattern, my dress also has same pattern!" The guy who owned shirt was so delighted about it. (he was some AFC)

    I said "Yeah 6/5" and changed topic. But woman was still talked about about the shirt.

    I was so confused about the shirt conversation, first I thought that she is some kind of wacko. Conversation ended.

    But later she was there sitting near to me and she was glancing. I could have opened her. But I was too confused and I did not want to lose my value.

    What should have I done? How should have I handled the situation?

    Should I have started to talk about World of Warcraft or my goldfishes? Tips please!

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    Default Re: Was I heavily tested?

    You should get out of your head and just talk dude. Maybe she was the one acting like a chode trying to get your attention. Maybe she was testing you. Who cares? at the end of the day you are at home wondering like so many of us have in the past when you could have gone home thinking, ok I tried and failed. Recalibrate, adjust for fire and fire for effect once more.

    I have made this mistake lately so I took a step back and havent gone out because I have been wayyyyy too much inside my head thinking everything is a Sh1t Test and so on and thinking routines and blah blah blah. This is the problem with reading so much about pick up.

    I have realized the my best nights I never sat there thinking routines, is this a sh1t test and so on. My best nights I just did without thinking about it and it created results. Try it out next time dude, you might see the difference.
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