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    Default RB - small note on social proof and closing

    So I want to introduce a concept I touch on in my recent field report (

    I’m not the creator of this idea, its really just one of social proof, but I want to bring it up here because I don’t see it talked about on the forums.

    When I’m talking to a set, I go in to be friendly. A lot of times I haven’t built enough attraction to N close, or perhaps I’m not even interested in a number. I will tell them I gotta get back to my friends quick but I’ll come talk to them later. Then I actually do leave, go talk to my friends, and go open more sets. What I’m trying to highlight is the idea of leaving and telling them you will be back to talk to them again in a little bit.

    There are several advantages to this – the main one being that when you return to the set, you come back as friends already. This mimics what Style talks about with merging sets and changing venues, it makes it seem like you already have a history and leaps the rapport incredibly forward. You already talked to them, got names, discussed stuff. You don’t need any opener, just walk back, hey so hows it going? Sit down, you’re immediately accepted back and lock right in to the set. Second advantage, you make some pretty good friends. Third advantage – key – social proof.

    Importantly tho you have to keep talking to other people, or just your wings, but be social, keep moving around the venue. In the setting this past weekend it worked great because we had a group we returned to to talk and evaluate. Then we would move and go open another set. I opened several, and if I couldn’t find a set I wanted to talk to I’d go re-open another set I was in before. The girls from the earlier sets would see me talking and being friendly with several other sets. It was great social proof, makes number closing easy when you come back because you are just a cool social person who wants to hang out again.

    Anyway, main point – you don’t always have to Number Close in your first discussion. If you don’t want to or its not there yet but you want to eject, be friendly and tell them you’ll be back a little later. They’re very receptive to this and it builds you up socially.
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