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Thread: RB - Kino Guide

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    Lightbulb RB - Kino Guide

    The value and importance of Kino cannot be overstated

    Kino refers to physical touch. Not just physical touch used in seducing women, but physical touch used with your friends and family as well. It has many benefits and shows you are a generally social person.

    I’m going to discuss the basics of kino here and how to use kino in pickup.

    Kino is something you want to incorporate into your life, you want to touch people as you communicate with them. When someone says something funny, touch them on the arm, when they are being a dork, prod them in the shoulder as you tease them, when you say hello, put your hand on their shoulder. You need to make kino natural.

    In pickup, kino has several benefits. Traditionally PUA material discusses the importance of touching someone within the first minute or so of meeting them, and escalate throughout the interaction. If you do it early, the girl sees contact from you as natural. If you fail to do so, then contact is heavily noticed later on.

    The basics of kino in an interaction – Let’s start with a pickup scenario

    PUA goes and opens a set, you’re going through your opener, she gives an opinion, now it’s your response – Good chance to kino, AS you’re talking touch her shoulder briefly, “Yes I agree it’s generally not normal for a guy to wear makeup, but….” Your first touch should be a brief touch on the shoulder or arm, just for about 1 second. Moments later, you continue the discussion, again while you’re giving a response, like “Wait wait wait… don’t you think?” I will smile and shake my head, friendly, and have my hand on their shoulder, this time like 3 seconds. This escalates until at some point I may be leaning on their shoulder (like using them as an armrest), maybe discussing something else or asking them a question that’s meant to be more one on one.

    There are many other ways to kino, these are just the basics, but any excuse you get to touch them and make it natural is beneficial.

    Keys -

    First - When you’re doing this, it is very important that you do not look at your hand or where it is. Remember kino has to be natural for you. If you look at it, you call her attention to the fact that you’re touching her. This is bad. Your kino has to be natural, a reflex, instinctive. You want to keep talking and looking at her eyes as to take her focus away from your hand on her shoulder.

    Second – you need to pull away before it feels unnatural to her. If you walk up and start talking to her and set your hand on her shoulder for the first 10 seconds, she’s going to get uncomfortable and will get a dis-taste for your touch. This is not good. You do it for just a second, then pull away. Maybe in the interaction you put your arm around her to hug her, pull in, then push her back away and break contact. Very important that YOU are the one to break contact, and that you break it naturally but before it could become uncomfortable. Throughout the interaction your kino can escalate and take slightly longer and longer. As you use kino this calibration quickly becomes natural.

    Third – Touch everybody. Assume theres a 2 set you’re talking to, you want to touch both people naturally, especially early on. Kino is supposed to come across as just part of who you are, a social comfortable person. Use it on both people so it seems normal. Eventually as you escalate you will kino more with your target, but not at the beginning.

    When I say touch everybody, I mean everybody, guys and girls. The other night I was out trying to get a drink at the bar, it was packed and impossible to get up, so as I moved through I’d touch guys on the shoulder, “Oops, excuse me (as I pass through), hows it going?” I started conversations with nearly everyone I passed, just for 5-10 seconds, chatted about how sad it was I didn’t have a drink, etc. Made friends with a lot of people who came up to me later just to say hi. I was also able to approach them as old friends when they were talking to girls I had seen too. I’d said hello and was friendly to everyone.

    Again, touch everyone, managers, family, friends, priests. When you say hello, touch them on the shoulder, be friendly, be warm. It makes you a warmer person and helps build a connection between two people.

    Kino is not nearly as much about seduction as it is about being friendly and being alpha. Using it in seduction is just calibrating a social skill to bringing you and your target closer.

    The benefits of Kino

    Kino is one of those rare things that is both friendly, social, and ALPHA.

    First friendly and social – when you touch someone you’re saying you accept them. It builds a connection. Old friends touch each other, it’s a sign that they are already close.

    Second – ALPHA. When you touch someone it’s showing you’re not afraid of them. You touch a girl it subconsciously shows her you’re not putting her on some pedestal that you’re afraid of, you see her as approachable and well within your league. Guys too, you touch them, you’re just being friendly, but you aren’t afraid of them. I go out to be a social person, and I achieve it in large part due to the fact that I use kino with every interaction.

    Third however -, in seduction it gets the girl used to physical touch, as above. It is an incredibly effective flirting tool that is unlike normal IOIs. A normal ioi “I like that…” or “I think you’re cute”… directly portrays interest. Kino can portray interest, but it doesn’t run the risk of her seeing you’re hitting on her. It’s alpha, there’s no downside if you do it right. You don’t risk portraying too much interest. In fact kino more typically makes a girl curious about you. The thing is tho, you’re touching everybody as you talk, you’re just a friendly interactive person. It works wonders. Think of those girls that are really chatty and touch everyone naturally, lots of people are interested in them even though they can’t tell if they’re getting IOIs already.

    Fourth – again in seduction it makes escalation easier and seemless. This is important – if you aren’t kino-ing, if the first time you try to touch a girl is when you go to kiss her, it will feel super unnatural, it makes it awkward and makes it difficult to shift to a kiss, or to move from there. If you touch her throughout the interaction and its normal to you, It’s incredibly easy to put your hand on her face and pull her in for a kiss.

    Incorporate it into your life

    You want to use kino every day, naturally. Kino is not just a seduction tool, it is a social tool for building connections, with friends, coworkers, and targets. It is also incredibly alpha. Putting your hand naturally on the shoulder of another alpha male briefly shows you are not afraid of him. If it’s already something you do, you’re controlling the alpha frame.

    Again, the importance of making kino natural to you and something you just do cannot be overstated. It is one of the most valuable things I’ve taken away from my PUA training aside from just being more social. Your opener can suck, but if you are confident, social, and kino naturally you can still pull it off.
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    Default Re: RB - Kino Guide

    Top stuff RedBaron. I've recently made a point of incorporating touch into all of my conversations. It's easy to see the difference in how new people treat you when you are confident and friendly, touching them on the shoulder or arm early on in the conversation, as opposed to being constrained, and seeming to avoid human contact. I've also found it extremely useful when someone tries to 'out-alpha' me. Just touch the guy on the shoulder or pat his back and everyone knows who the real man is!

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