I was visiting at one girl at far away. I have known her for a quite long time in Internet and met couple of times.

I was a quite sure that I was friendzoned, but I knew that I had some attraction also. I finally managed to pull the trigger and kissclose her. She was actually craving my kisses after that!

Usually she is the one who is textbombing me every day.

When I was going home from the trip, she did not message to me. (which is a bit strange, because she is a quite mss bomber) I started later at home Skype conversation and nothing seemed to be wrong.

Now is day after the kissclose and she has not messaged as usual! She is usually not busy. Should I stay totally quiet as long she takes contact or what? I dont want to be needy wussy.

I'm quite sure that she has got no boyfriend or any kissing activity for looong time.Is she confused or something? Have you got any idea what could she thinking of?