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Thread: Women's negs

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    Default Women's negs

    What is the best way to comeback from negs given by women? At the weekend, I was in a bar, I saw a couple of women who were sat at a table and approached. I'd seen one look at me a few times but I was with mates and not ready to abandon them when we had only just arrived at the pub.

    I talked to the women, ensuring to give both good attention. Later, the one who had been showing me interest started to say how she was more attracted to another mate, as he hadn't tried to make an effort to chat to her. The conversation was full of negs and yet she continued to pay me more interest than to him which, to me, is a sign that she was trying to use negs, rather than her pushing me aside. I played along with her lines, built the mate up partly because I knew to do otherwise and to get jealous would see a definite fail whereas to play along and to not let her negs beat me was always likelier to achieve succes. That and you never flame down a mate as I think to do so is a worse crime than missing out on one woman where hundreds of others are out there.

    In the end we drifted apart as a group. Half our group was stuck outside a club, not allowed in, so mate & I left the club and the women didn't follow. By this point I'd decided that I wasn't going to take anything further with the woman in question.

    Anyhows, how do you guys play against a neg? Go with it? Go against it?

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    Default Re: Women's negs

    Depends on the girl...either walk away and act like her neg was silly (not offensive to you though) and bitter or absolutely take her down with an instant sharp and witty response. I love girls who will neg but I don't want a competition with them so the trick for me is to fire back a bullet proof backhand from their serve to topple them if you have such a swing or another way is to ignore it completely. Men are generally smarter than women (yes they are, don't believe politically correct BS propaganda) so prove yourself to them with your intellect. Most girls tease, even sweeties, so its something that is worthwhile getting good at matching. The main thing is not absolutely not let it affect you and to be sharp in rapid in your response to it.

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