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Thread: Real Alpha Bodylanguage

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    Default Real Alpha Bodylanguage

    Hey guys, I'm back. I haven't posted on here in a while becuz I have been approaching week in and week out with a group of puas I found on this forum.

    Anyways, the topic I wanted to discuss is bodylanguage. As a pua we all know the basics. Head up, shoulders back, eye contact and chest out. But I found that there are other pieces to good posture that many puas over looked.

    First let me fix some of the things I've seen many guys do wrong. For one thing its okay to stick your chest out, but if you over do it it can look like your a try hard and make you look belligerent. Another thing I've seen a lot of is blatant staring, or what some think is good eye contact. If your going to give eyecontact with a girl or someone, don't stare awkwardly. Give a wave, a smile or even a salute something that acknowledges the fact that your looking at them. BTW lack of eye contact can be just as powerful as strong eye contact.

    Alright, now that I have that mess fixed onto over looked bodylanguage basics.

    1)have a relaxed face=if you look at mpuas (such as simple pickup, tyler durden or mystery) you'll find there face is absolutely calm and relaxed. They still show emotion but you'll notice no stress wrinkles, they'll have droopy eyes and a parted mouth.

    2)You never face a girl with your feet if she isnt doing it herself. If her feet are facing in the direction she was going and not at you then match it and face yours away, but if hers are facing yours do it back. ioi begots IOI and IOD begots IOD.

    3) Strong slow gestures, watch the president and how he does his gestures. Don't bend your wrists when gesturing do it laxidazically or excitedly if doing it but never make short nervous gestures. If your still early in your progression in the game or if you still have aa, just avoid gestures all together till you get better.

    These are things i found many gurus skip over and use consistantly themselves. Hope this helped or was coherent.
    "I've never seen anyone pull as quickly or as efficiently as you"
    -HarryRat(Simplepicku p)

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    Default Re: Real Alpha Bodylanguage

    Watch Gordon Ramsey in action - that is Alpha body language. A lot of women adore him and surely it can't be the wrinkles on his forehead. He is intense, forthright and confident. He's really sharp and quick to respond both verbally and with his body.

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