Wow have I been busy so I have not been able to follow up with the community in anyway, but wanted to blast out a review of the great experience I had training. I considered myself a moderate level PUA when I first attended the recent Orlando bootcamp through Adam. The first day he was honest with me and told me that the bootcamp was not something that I would learn too much from since it was for people first getting into the game or needing help with the process of attraction. I knew I probably didnt need to be in the Bootcamp, but I was still able to learn a bit from the instructers and Adam there.

After the Bootcamp, I wanted to attend the Advance Level Training where you live with an instructor and you have multiple instructors tweaking your skill level. This was held in Austin, TX and you live with instructors for a week doing 5 hours day game and 5 hours night game every day for the seven days. It was probably one of the most eye opening experiences of my entire life. I feel that after that week of training I have gained a year's worth of knowledge. I was able to work with seven different coaches that each had their level of expertise.

My reason for going through these programs is because I want to become an attraction coach by the end of this year. Its always been a dream of mine and its good to know that I am very close to becoming one . If you live in the Central Florida area, I am assisting a large group of people in this area free-of-charge at the moment so I can focus on assisting people with their attraction development.

If you are on the edge about attending a bootcamp, I strongly recommend that you register for it. Its a hundred percent refundable if for some reason you did not see any value in the program. Take my word for it and attend the bootcamp. If they feel that your ready for the residency program, then they will help you with getting into the program. They are create investments and of all MPUAs out there, I have always respected Adam and his way of teaching.

To you Adam, Bro I love you man. You lived up to the image I had of you before I met you at the bootcamp, and you have been a big inspiration to my development throughout my progression of attracting females.

Remember to respect woman, and be genuine with them. I hope you all find what your looking for when you researched the community, but for now its back to gaming Piece!