I don't really get to talk to her a lot, but when I do its when I am on my way home. The day before I was flirting with her and she was showing good body language and laughing, so shes not shy or anything. I was also messing around with her too and I accidentally touched her breast, luckily she didn't freak out or anything, she didn't even acknowledge that I did it. After that we talked some more, then I went home. Next day I see her in the hallways and she is always with one of her friends. At lunch her friends are sitting around her so I don't really get to sit next to her/across from her. But I don't usually sit there, I don't want to look too desperate. So in the hallway again, I finally see her walking alone so I go up and say the most stupid thing,"Do you have a pencil?" Also there is 1 minute left in the passing period. She immediately responds "I don't have one." and walks off to her class. I wasn't able to talk to her on the way home because I had something after school.

How can I find time to talk to her to eventually ask her out?