1)Clubbing is all about Kino, forget the talking if the music is loud. But a trick is to speak with your stomach and block the other ear of the girl while you speak to the other.

2) I haven't really try on getting numbers or kiss closing anyone in clubs yet. But the way I game is I look at the situation and if there's something to comment on do it, like a neg. Basicly you should rely on Kino like I said.

Here's an example of my lastest clubbing night.

I go right in and this wierd club starts shoving/pushing me giving me those attracted eyes or w/e. I didn't really like it but I spotted this cute girl with boots in her hands. I moved off and went to see her, instanly I go infront of her, make eye contact and lean to her ear, placing my hand casually on her waist.

Me: Hey, what's with the boots in yours hands? You know they don't go there right haha (Opener)

Her: Haha, yeah its just that my feets hurt.

Me: Awwn poor you, wait.. can you still dance?

Her: *Smiles* Yes.

From there I just take her Ha-.. boot and dance normally, I spin her around and smile to her so I got abit closer and gave her an other spin along spinning myself after that I was laying on a wall, leaving her to grind me for a good while. Even props a guy I knew while on the wall haha.

Also girls won't follow you if you just take their hands and lead them outside. You need to talk for that, unless you're dancing with her and ''Motion her'' to follow you.

3) Personally I don't like to game or do my player in college/school since if you're known as a player. You're assed out you know. I either concentrate on one girl slowly or talk to multiple ones keeping the flirting at a low.