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    ionos Guest

    Default Online personals...ok or not?


    I'm new at this, but I thought that maybe I would start online to get an idea of how to respond to women. Is that a good idea? What is a good way to respond to a girl's profile and get her interested...Just trying to cut my teeth. I'm also going to try and go out more and work on body language/ eye contact first.

    Anyway, I messaged this girl and this was her response:

    i am a manager at a store in the mall. i love it. i love the people who shop my store, who work there, and who run the company. i hope to grow even more with the company even more than i already have. i liked your profile. sorry it took so long to respond internet hasnt been a priority lately.
    hope to talk to you soon.

    I might want to mention that this girl is not hot, she's like a 5 or 6. I live in a small town so choices online are pretty limited.
    Any advice or am I barking up the wrong tree here? Thanks!


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    rdc Guest


    Looks good to me. She is obviously concerned about her career. If you haven't done so, respond with a little banter about yourself to create value and interest.... At the end of the email ask her a good open ended question about her management position..

    Just remember, the online game is just to create enough value to peak her interest IRL..

    Good luck. may the pickup gods be with you...

    EDIT: forgot to mention: always, always, always take your time to reply... You are a valued person and very busy, your time is very valuable (HB 5-6 understaands that concept ...)! I always wait at least 24hrs, if not 36 to reply to HB.... The cuter they are the longer I'll take too. HB 10 is accustomed to low value guys responding ASAP, while HB 5-6 may be more flattered in with a less delayed response...

    Also, you need to escalate (well ... that's what I call it). After she responds back you need one of three things from her: IM, text, or seven digits... You could wait for another response if you've not yet created enough value, but you need to escalate your interactions ASAP.... Perhaps you are too busy, in and out the office all day to email, and IM or text is much more convenient from your phone...
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    When I first got into this, I used some online game and after some experimentation I pretty much mastered it.

    Let me know and I will PM you my opening Email that works wonders. Just promise to use it and keep it to yourself.

    To be honest, I stopped online game pretty quickly because I actually had to good of results and the results were not congruent with what I would get when I would go out... so I decided to stop 'shooting fish in a barrel' per se', and become great at meeting women in real world situations.


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    ionos Guest


    Yes Bill, I'd like you to PM your opener please.

    You say the results were incongruous, with real life? Meaning your game wasn't as good on a personal level and you used it as a crutch. Does this mean also that when you met the online girls things didn't go nearly as well with them also.

    I'm looking to start some small goals for working on my game. I hear that Rules of the Game has something like this. Also should I work on body language exclusively until I have it mastered. I'm thinking, yes.

    Also, I tried to work a little game on a girl I used to like the other day, it wasn't a stunning success but didn't seem to fail either. She didn't ignore me the whole time as usual...maybe I'll post that in the field reports later.

    EDIT: I found another girl online who is local and sounds really intriguing. She is a definite 8 or 9 in my book. I'd like to message her but work on my RL game some more so I am able to follow up in person and not blow it. Here is what she wrote online.

    You should message me if

    You are a witty, charismatic individual whose opening line will stay in my head all day. <3

    Sounds like a challenge. She seems to have the cocky thing covered, might be handful.

    ANOTHER EDIT: Sorry, this is in response to rdc. I actually already had responded to her but looking back it was pretty lame, though I did wait 3 days. Maybe someone here could help me critique it so I can improve. Here's what I wrote:

    Hi there,

    Sounds like you love too many of the people around you to not be a people person. That's cool that you enjoy your work. We could all use some of that. Don't worry about response time, I know how it goes. I have been known to stay away a while. What's a typical work week like for you...weekends off? I can be quite inquisitive so I'll leave it at that for now.

    Talk to you later,


    ZZZZZZZZ......sorry, what was that? I nodded off.

    Thanks, guys
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    ionos Guest


    I hate to double post, but I know if I edit that last post it won't be seen. Bill you said you would PM me your opener for online?
    Can you still do that? thanks.

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