My first post was another thread so I figured this was prudent.

Last year, at the end of a LONG relationship, I felt like I had wasted much of my life. It was not fun. I was generally dis-honest about my feelings with this girl. Things dissolved.. slowly.

No more of that. Moving forward, my core goal is honesty.

I've stayed single for a long while by choice. I've made close friends with a girl who I tried to date, but after a while realized that it would be the same path again. She's continually giving me advice on how to be attractive.. so I started to supplement her advice. (Which was mostly good.)

I just can't go on having a foundation of friendship ruined by intimacy for the sake of intimacy.

I need to you know, change my patterns.

Last week I read "The Game." I've done quite a bit of socializing and online research. I'll probabbly lurk a lot.

I think I'm a good writer so I'm doing the craigslist thing with a friend from the other thread I started. This is a start.