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    pua24 Guest

    Default following up after getting number and closing

    Hey fellow puas, I average over 8 numbers in a given weekend and most of the time all my numbers are always right. Ive improved in meeting women in clubs and malls, but the main thing is following up and closing. I close just few on a reg basis, like hb7s.some I really want to meetup like HB8 and up just flake out after first text or convo.I tend to have so many numbers that I barely set up dates with most of the girls I meet. most of the chicks tend to show interest after we meet and few phone convo, some tend to flake out on the last minute and dont answer call. why do they flake so much after showing interest after meeting them. whats wrong with some of these women that give their number but after asking them out they never answer phone or after first convo it ends there. im I doing anything wrong? if I dont ask some of them out immediately after few convos they tend to lose interest. whats the best way to avoid this problem. is it better to ask them out during first convo or jus wait? is there a better phone game to keep them more interested? any help will be highly appreciated. thx fellow puas.

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    You are not planting a time bridge with them. During your first interaction you should talk about something that you are doing in the near future (going to a new art exhibit or checking out something cool in your neighborhood). It doesn't have to be something new to you, you can do the same 'cool' thing with every girl you meet. Also - you should text/call right away (if you meet them during the day - text them that day). If you meet them at night, text them the next day. This is not needy - this is aggressive. If they do not reply, don't sweat it - move on.

    During your first convo - make it brief and set up something cool to do. They are not the reason you are doing it. You ARE doing something fun, but ask them to come with and check it out.


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    pua24 Guest

    Default thx pua bill

    hey thx alot for your input. it seems helpful, il try it and let you know the progress. once again thx fellow pua.


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