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Thread: Texting

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    Appitamy Guest

    Default Texting

    I have a love hate relationship with this form of communication, I love it because you can say some off the wall shit and still play it off no matter what, I hate it because its difficult to read emotional response etc. through texting. I have 2 HB's I have been talking to etc. Closed one, the other is her friend, and she started talking to me about a week ago, all they do is fucking text. I'm about 90% sure that I have smoked any chance I had with #2 HB, until last night. I got a message at about midnight from her referring to how much she hated being on this date she was on.

    HB- On a Date...Ugh Haha!
    Me- LOL..Have fun kid! ;-D
    Me- That's pretty weak that you didn't invite me along on your date ;-)
    HB- Really! I give up on boys!
    Me- You haven't even hung out with me yet...
    HB- Well I'm home watching (some show) after a God awful 1st date...yup I'm turning gay.
    Me- That's a shame, good luck with that
    HB- I do what I can
    (At this point I want you to know that I was going to party with her last week and she pulled the "friend" card because her friend likes/liked me, so it has been a week of cat-string, trying to keep this shit up.)
    Me-Stop fighting it, and hangout with me.
    ......No answer.....its like 230 am, I know she likes cartoons though.
    Me- You ever watch South Park?
    HB- Yes!
    Me- Yes, your going to stop fighting it and hangout with me? Let me see if I can fit you into my schedule. HaHa.

    That's the extent of it, I'm having a very difficult time trying to pull this girl in, and this isn't all about her, this is a HUGE network of friends that she's involved with and it has to do with networking as well. I know the story isn't the best but I would like to here some critics and any advice you guys have on appropriate ways to do shit through text.

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    RokStarz Guest


    I feel like you might be trying to hard. Try to tease her a little bit - but let her send the last text. I would have not replied to her "I do what I can".

    Also - try to get her to come out with you and your friends, especially if it is a scene where there will be girls there that you can flirt with in front of her.

    I think you are doing well - just maybe trying a bit to hard.

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    Before I chime in, does anyone else have any comments on his texting?

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    sh3pherdd Guest

    Default Re: Texting

    texting is the one part of my game with few sticking points. double texting (sending another before she texts you back) shows signs of desperation. your problem (based on what i've read) it looks like you're trying way too hard. you need to turn it around to where you have her chasing you. with her it could be too late but with other girls you can do better. it looks like she's friend zoning you. the fact that she was texting you while on a date, only demonstrates that whoever she was on a date with was not doing a good job.
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    culturedpearls Guest

    Default Re: Texting

    You're double texting way too much and that's only good when you've already established that you guys are flirting... but when you're still just trying to get out of the 'friend' zone, that's just confusing.

    Oh and when she said she's going gay, i'd probably have said something like, 'Cool, can I watch?'... I mean... "Yeah, you'd make one heck of a butch."
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    Mystery_wannabe Guest

    Default Re: Texting

    hm... seems like you're trying to force a sale here which is not going to help the girl want to be with you.

    I would use the "secrecy" tactic to try to lure her out. Pretend that you're setting up a secret mission and just tell her it'll be just the 2 of you (hinting no friend) and that no one else would ever know.

    I liked how you signaled that you have a busy schedule and that you're trying to fit her in.

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    Ambition Guest

    Default Re: Texting

    Make up for the double texting by not talking to her for two days. If she texts you, send back quick answers that do not require her to text back (so no questions). If she does text back, wait a while before responding, like a few hours.

    After the two days, send her a flirty/funny text like Bill's alien text. Work funny comments into your conversation and neg her answers a little.

    And when you do invite an HB to hang out, send her definitive plans. Say that you're going to this place at this time and she should join you. Telling a girl "Come hang out with me," especially when she knows you are home, implies that you want her to come to your home. If you're asking a girl to your home, your intentions are a little too obvious and she won't fall for it.

    Good luck man!

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    Smash Guest

    Default Re: Texting

    Well first things first...double texting is a no go. That makes it look like you are desperately trying to keep a conversation going with this girl. I think if you would have been more cocky funny it could have played out a little better, for example:

    Her: "On a date...ugh haha"
    You: You aren't having a good time? Give me his number and I'll coach him through this

    Just be more cocky and act like you could give two sh**s about seeing her. She will wonder why you aren't trying to pick her up like every other chump and she will be all over your nuts man...and if you play it right, so will her friend. I could see that situation turning out very well for you if you take some advice from the community..

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    Default Re: Texting

    I think you did 'ok' except for at the end when she ignored you you shoulda done the same back.

    Double texting I think is fine IF you do it immediately, as part of the same thought or statement as the previous txt. I prefer 2 back to back short texts as opposed to a big long 3 sentence one that reads like a book. However!!! Texting her again b/c she ignored you i think is a big no no.

    I've had loooong txt conversations that we had like 3 different "threads" so every time you sent a text you ended up sending and receiving 3 back to back b/c you're talking about so many different things. It's actually kinda fun as long as you're making progress. Also, I'd txt her for a while and insert some sexual innuendo and send pics back and forth if you don't know her well and EVENTUALLY she should ask you to hang out.

    Keep it sexual and playful and change the subject a lot to keep things from getting boring and end it first of course. "Ok babe I got to do blablabla g'nite"

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