What it is?
Name's..Edward..I'm in Charlotte NC.

Never had a tough time dating etc. but I have now found the gate way to improving my natural charisma. I have always gotten by on what I was given...I never have issues talking to groups of people, or new people for that matter, no problems talking to girls....I recently started studying NLP to increase my sales and social speaking/flexibility/report...Then I came across "The Game" in my studies...It's probably a bad thing that I have a very addictive personality, because I just enveloped my entire life into this.
My roommate and I go sarging every single night, just blowing it up...it's fun as hell! I'm sure that there is a lot for me to learn from this site and my mind is wide open.
I have been using these methods for about a week now with great success. It's just fun having a game plan each time instead of winging it, the thought process and strategies are amazing, I see stuff now in all situations that I generally would not see.
So this is a little about why I'm here. Best of luck to you cats this weekend!

Anyone know of additional sites that I can join to help broaden my horizons? I post here and at Sarging.com, if you have any suggestions message me.