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    rdc Guest

    Default Some good ideas for first dates

    I'm looking for some original ideas for first dates. HB7-8 (not good enough for 9-10: yet ) must get asked out to dinner, movies, clubs, etc every week. I'm trying to come up with some original ideas that she will remember, making me stand out from others. It seems like something fun and original would lockup a second meeting....

    I was watching this dating show on MTV a few months ago and they had things like a little go-carts built to resemble monster trucks; the idea was to munch the most tonka trucks with your go-monster-truck. Another was on a farm where your date and you would grab a bunch of stuff like eggs from the chickens and smoosh fresh oranges to make a breakfast... I've been looking for stuff like this all over where I live, but nothing. What do you guys usually do? Anything kinda different and original the ladies really enjoy?

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    BKChew Guest


    Although I have many ideas I believe my ideas would be better fit for second dates. However, I had to comment about this...Plans for a first date. Whatever you select as a first date, remember that converation locks in the next date. So grab a group and do something as a small group. Maybe an other couple or two. This means four or six people three of each sex. It will work out great but a group helps to keep converation going. It all does not fall upon your shoulders.

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    Reformd AFC Guest


    I also like to keep first dates light and fun. Visit a museum, a landmark or a park. Just wander around and have fun. Or if there is a cool club/lounge where the bartender or owner knows you and there is a place to be more intimate (alone), then go there.

    First dates are supposed to be chill and fun for both of you.

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    Sniper NYC Guest


    What about just meeting at a lounge for a drink and conversation?

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    dxfan Guest


    fondu ( sp) like the melting interactive food.

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    Cheese or oil fondu is a GREAT. Won't cost much - should require a bottle of wine. Sounds like like pretty much a guaranteed good time.

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    poddys Guest


    Even something simple like a walk in a local park, especially if there are some good attractions there (like Central park NY for example). A walk along the river, trip into the countryside...

    Some girls like to be in the middle of a big party atmosphere where they can show off, but a more genuine girl will often be interested in nature, art, or quieter places. That gives you more time to be alone, to be yourselves, and it will probably work out a lot cheaper too.

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