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    Default Ok so I got a boost and then I took a hit to my confidence all in one day.

    So, today I got a number from this girl that I met at the bus stop that I thought was really cute. She is really quiet but I managed to bring her out of her shell, being that she is from a nearby island to my home country. Only thing is that I think she is going to take some getting used to me but after a conversation on the bus we exchanged numbers and I have to say that I wasn't bored with her and she seemed interested in me as well. I did do some things to let her know I was interested so I'm not going to call her I'm probably going to see her on the bus again.

    So, after her I was on cloud nine so I had no where to go but down, right. So there is this girl at one of my jobs that is just super sexy and she likes to flirt with all the guys including me. Anyways, I figured she is not attracted to me so I don't really care how much she flirts because I can tell that she does this to control guys.

    She said something today that brought up old emotions from highschool that makes me hate black women sometimes for how much they put us through when we approach them. She said " you are so ugly" and then she laughed. I realize that this is probably another way she controls guys or messes with them and I know she knows what she's doing.

    I got to say that it didn't effect me as much as I thought it would. I just moved on to the next cute girl and kept socializing but I want to know if you guys came across a girl like this that tries you like this that sort of gives you mixed signals in a way. Ok, guys straight up, I'm not the greatest at quick comebacks, so I actually wanted to say something back to her.
    Actually, I wanted to pull her over and whisper into her ear, I bet you F%^&*&^% ugly guys all the time, though. Would this be a good comeback do yall have some suggestions on what to do because now that I know somethings about women's games I'd like to know how to handle this situation when she tests me.

    So, like I said I am an approaching machine these days and I won't stop can't stop. I'm actually going to a party tonight. It is FSU's homecoming tonight. I will keep pushing at it, because honestly to quote the german commercial. "I don't care if you like."

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    Default Re: Ok so I got a boost and then I took a hit to my confidence all in one d

    i bet you fuck ugly guys all the time? LOL! thats a good neg if done with the right attitude.

    Dont let shit get to you, once they take control of your emotions they win control. Dont let them take control of you but do use that LOL

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    Default Re: Ok so I got a boost and then I took a hit to my confidence all in one d

    She was totally sh!t testing you... that's all.
    I've said this several times times in the past week or two... but girls only test guys like that, when they're interested.

    I actually made a post a couple weeks ago that pretty much talks about this exact thing. Check it out here.

    But anytime a girl says something along those lines, you can easily pass the test.
    Examples of things that would work:

    "Well thank you! I think YOU are pretty stinkin' cute yourself!"
    *Big smile

    "Oh, you ain't seen nothin yet girl! Come over tonight & I'll show you my "O-Face". I promise; that'll blow your mind!!". *wink / smile & solid eye contact

    *Laughing "WOW! You just went there didn't ya!? That's it chicky-poo! I'm gonna have to put you over my knee!"

    Basically all you need to do is express confidence. And if you can "accept" her little dig & expand on it with over the top humor, it's even more effective.

    Don't look at it as you "having to get her back"... look at it for what it really is: An open invitation to flirt like a Mo-Fo!!

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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