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    Default How to use body language to generate attraction

    Some guys do this naturally, but for most of us - using body language correctly or incorrectly can mean the difference between her feeling attraction (she won't be sure why) or her being not attracted.

    A LOT of this is subconscious - we don't even realize it is happening - so it must be buried deep in our psyche - in the primitive part of our brain.

    Have you ever felt really uncomfortable when someone was standing near you, but you were not sure why? Have you ever felt very comfortable and had great rapport with a stranger, and still not sure?

    Let me give you a hint, it almost always has nothing to do with the conversation or your looks. It has to do with the subconscious signals our bodies are receiving. 90% of human interaction is non-verbal.

    For example, if a girl is facing away from you and you are facing directly at her - she will feel a strange feeling that you are coming on very strong and whenever someone feels that, it is natural for them to pull away. This is why she 'just feels' awkward about you.

    Other times, if she is facing you and you are facing away, she feels like she is trying to hard and you are ignoring her. Since women typically have a self esteem that is easily bruised (well we all do), she will unconsciously feel like you are not into her and she will feel awkward and not enjoy the conversation.

    Establishing rapport is difficult in any of these situations.

    But what if you you are both standing side by side, talking almost over your shoulder in a bit. That is a very common stance for people who are friends and watching what is happening in the world around them.

    THIS NATURALLY IS COMFORTABLE, NORMAL AND WHAT PEOPLE WITH RAPPORT DO WITHOUT THINKING. It just feels good and neither person feels that the other is trying to hard and it makes you want to continue talking to that person.

    MOST guys do not do this. They are standing there too close to the girl and being super needy with their body language by facing a girl who is not facing them. DO NOT BE THAT GUY!!!

    Instead, stand side by side and talk. As you generate rapport, she will turn towards you without even thinking about it.

    NOW THIS IS KEY. You MUST turn to face her or she will feel awkward (again not realizing why). So now you can face her and continue your rapport building.

    You both will feel comfortable, once again without realizing it.

    Your conversation matters much, much less than what your body language is saying.

    That is why many pickup lines do not work. Body language is arguably 10x more important than what is said.

    Try this yourself... even with a friend and you will just FEEL the difference.

    Best of luck.


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    This really is a GREAT post. I think a lot of people are just looking for the correct pick up line, or even the right thing to say all the time. In reality having something interesting to say is very important... but it means nothing if you don't have solid body language skills.

    A wise person once told me "Everything Matters". (credit JCH). So yes, pick up "lines" or whatever you say when you first meet a girl (I don't use lines, and prefer to just be direct but everyone has their own style that works)... but you could have the best approach line, and even the funniest crowd pleasing line and even some great dhv and even some amazing comfort routines (I personally love compliance hoop questions)...

    BUT without question if you do not have body language figured out - you will NOT be anywhere near as successful with women as your potential.


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    This is true to the fact of me using these skills not only in the field sarging but also at work..If im bombarded with annoyance from other co-workers and iritated with the current convo that may be going on, Ill simply turn my body or my head, look in the direction of someone else, start analyzing my clothes or something of that extent. But if i want them to kno that im interested in whats going on ill face them, give strong eye contact, and have a relaxed stance...It all matters in the subtlist of ways.

    And on another note even if you have strong body language you can deliver a wack line, routine or what ever she'll more then likely still fall for you in some way cause u look confident and thats what women are mainly interested in anyways. So stand tall and strong and dont violate personal space.

    Peace and Wisdom

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