I posted it in one of the other threads,no one replied ;o

So i thought i might post this somewhere else,a little bit updated.

I have a weird situation,I have a girl who's showing IOIs all the time,she's touching me,looking at me whatever the hell you want she does,sometimes she's looking away when i pass or when she knows I'm looking at her,i catch her eyes on me all the time,when I'm not in the same room as her,she's trying to find a reason to go to that same room and stay.Sometimes when i enter in the morning she's looking at me from the side,as if she wants me to do something.

So as a JOKE,i once made it look like I'm jealous,now she's trying to make me jealous all the freaking time,what the hell ?When she does that,i just leave to do something,and obviously after a while she's making that giggly face and comes back to me.I don't really understand what's her freaking problem...

Anyways,once i asked her out,and her answer was...

"I don't know what to say,i can't go out with you if i don't feel..."
I tried asking her,what she's supposed to feel to have a dinner with me ?Hungry or something...?

Now i get the feeling that she thinks that I'm so over the hills in love with her,that she's climbed up somewhere real high,now she's trying to make me jealous all the time,as if i care...and she always checks on me if i look at her...

I was just experimenting to ignore her a couple of days(not completely ignoring,just replying when she's talking to me and sitting away from her),she started texting me that i was weird these days...

So what's wrong with her,can anyone enlighten me,what should i do to get her to go out with me ?


The day after she said i was weird,i talked to her saying that she's just imagining things and that's the way i am.She seemed more lively,we walked out together once again,during her whole stay with me i kept her talking,then i told her "let's just go with the flow,let's go out somewhere right now,let's be spontaneous",she agreed and then changed her mind,saying that she promised to do things with her mother,she "accidentally" missed 2 bus stops,even though i warned during the 2nd stop,anyways,i didn't push her too much about the "let's go out",didn't wanna sound desperate,we got to my stop,got out, walked together through the city,had a very nice conversation,she laughed a lot,it's easy to make her laugh,i walked her to her bus stop,she lives 15 mins away by bus,and that's how it went.

I texted her later saying that it was fun,and that i feel a bit disappointed that we didn't go anywhere.

She replied that she had a great time too,and that next time we'll definitely go out somewhere.

So it's been a few days now,should i ask her out or what ?Also her birthday is coming this week,does anyone have any good ideas about presents to girls ?